We’re comfortable with digital. Are you?

We’re a creative digital agency making the internet a cozy place for you and your business.

We're just a couple of nerds with passion for creation.

CodeComfort believes in the security of comfort. We’re a dedicated partner growing our clients presence online so they can focus on their business. Our creative and digital pillars snuggle up to get results.

CodeComfort is the sum of great technology, innovative creative, and nerdy digital-loving people. We're a team of professionals with a plush 4+ years making satisfying digital experiences.

CodeComfort likes to meet our clients face-to-face; believing this helps build trust and comfort from the get-go. Our team strongly believes in collaboration; working together at every step generates the best results. We listen to your story, understand your brand, and take notice of what you’re looking for.

We love this world and all the cozy corners it holds. We’ve never lost the drive to discover and create. That’s why we invest so heavily in your brand, your business and you. We want to share our passion and lend expertise for maximum reach.

CodeComfort is one of those full service creative digital agencies. But, we’re different... because we’re a great partner.



CodeComfort loves working with start-ups and entrepreneurs. Your brand is much more than a logo, it’s everything about you encapsulated. CodeComfort can create, produce, and promote your brand from the ground level, making sure we’re creating something lasting.

Art Direction

If design is the how then art direction is the why. It's the foundation of all communication, the process and production of typography, colour, scale, and placement. CodeComfort can oversee the artistic aspects of a campaign, event, or other media production.

Product Rendering

Want your product to show in its best light? 3D product renderings provide photorealistic aesthetics that scale. Great for advertising, presentations, website imagery, and blowing away users on socials.


Social Media Management

Code Comfort's Social Media Management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms. We use social media management tools and services to make your social media presence a priority.

Content Creation

Content (Creation) is king! Without it, it's very difficult to tell your brand story, share your expertise, or connect with your customers. Your content is critical to Search Engine Optimization and the quality matters! CodeComfort will develop a successful SEO strategy built on quality multi-media content that is well-produced, entertaining, informative and highly sharable.


A corporate blog can be a game-changer for your organization, but it's a major responsibility. Many small businesses struggle to find the time and resources to keep their sites up-to-date. CodeComfort provides effective online content and distribution through social media.


Time should be spent focusing on your business. CodeComfort will take the pain out of creating, building, hosting, and maintaining a website. You just have to sit back and approve.

Wireframe to Prototype

We collaboratively develop the website as a series of static images. We nail down the design, layout, text, imagery and then build a functioning prototype of the website.


This is where the approved prototype becomes a functioning website. CodeComfort develops the website and once complete, will send a test link. The test link will be exactly how the website will look and function online. We can then refine until everything is the way you like!


Keeping your website up to date is crucial. Your website should evolve with your business, reach new heights, and keep people coming back.


Chances are you're like most Canadians and are downloading and using APPs every day. We use them to streamline our experiences with our favourite brands and companies.

CodeComfort can bridge the interaction gap on how consumers interact with your company by providing them with convenient user interfaces, keeping your business top of mind.

To APP or not to APP

Not all companies require an APP, that's just the honest truth. CodeComfort can vet this by taking a thorough look into your business and consumer touchpoints. We carefully study project documentation, ask lots of questions, and conduct in-depth market and competitor research.

UI & UX Design

CodeComfort designs user interfaces for mobile and web APPs that are simple, intuitive, and visually appealing. We have mastered a number of techniques, gaining insights into how to solve problems and grip customers and couch potatoes alike.

Wireframes & Prototypes

We search for and prepare UI wireframes after careful consideration of the initial research. We then refine the design until everyone is happy. Then, almost like the real product, a prototype is created from the approved wireframes. CodeComfort uses the prototype to get early feedback and beta test.


CodeComfort offers full-stack iOS, Android, and web development services to make sure your APP works on all screens. The APP will look and function exactly as presented in the wireframe and prototype. After the development phase, we continually track the usage and keep optimizing!

Let’s get cozy with digital.

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